~I think they changed my name🐾

I really liked my name. I got used to it and felt it was a perfect name for me. Riley, has a ring to it don’t you think? My hoomans must have changed my name to NO! I don’t like it at all and will not answer to it when called.

I am called No when I try to bite my hoomans. I am just trying to play, but they don’t like it I guess.

I am called No when I start to pee on the floor after just being taken outside. I just don’t like being outside in the heat and want back inside.

I am called No when I try to bite the dining room chair cushions. My teeth hurt and I need to bite on something. I have so many toys, but they are not as fun to bite on.

Oh well. Hopefully, I will be called Riley again soon!

I got a bath this week and I enjoyed it a lot because I LIKE water so I thought it was cool. My mom was very pleased. Afterward, I got rubbed down with a big towel and it felt so good. I was told how pretty I am!

“Do you think I am pretty?”
I am so darn cute!

Wow, I am now three months (12 weeks), and my weight is around 11 pounds.



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