🐾🐾Fun in the snow🐾🐾

September 13, 2020

I had the bestest week! I got to experience some new adventures!

On Tuesday I got to play in SNOW!!❄️ Yes, snow! I was told it was a little early for snow. Of course I have never seen snow before, but I can say I love it. I was so excited that I got the zoomies and ran and ran. You should have seen me, man was the snow flying! I also got to eat some. That was pretty cool. If you have never tasted snow, I highly recommend giving it try.

The next bestest thing was we had company. My Mom and Dad friends came over and guess what they feel in love with me. They also brought me a present. I then feel in love with them, because my present was delish.

I discovered I really love the wind.

Mom, can I have some new toys, I am kinda tired of the ones I have?

Well, that about covers the highlights. I was told I have been really good, staying in my crate without throwing a fit, sleeping through the night until early morning, eating all my food, and going potty outside (well a couple accidents did happen), but I was told it was okay. I get lots of hugs and I am told how much I am love.

On the 15th I will be 13 weeks old and I weight twelve pounds.

🐾🐾Life is good🐾🐾









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