~A new toy for me🐾

September, 2020

I have been enjoying cool temperatures out on the deck.  I am told my first summer is over and the reason for the cooler temps is because autumn is here. I think I will like Autumn🐾

My hoomans enjoy feeding the birds. I have been fascinated with watching all the birds eat out of the feeders. The Scrub Jays like to sit on the deck railing and I guess they weren’t afraid of my sister, Skye River. However, I like to chase them and I bet they don’t know what to make of me.

I have been doing pretty good going outside to potty. I go to the vet on Wednesday to get a lepto shot, not really sure what that is, but I understand that I will get to go for walks and go potty on real grass once I get this shot. I hope it doesn’t hurt🐾

I got a new toy this past week, one my hoomans hoped would help me quit biting on things. I like it and it is very colorful, but I still like to bite on things I am not suppose to bite on and I get in trouble.

My new toy🐾


Hey Mom I think it’s time to eat🐾

I am fourteen weeks old and weight 13.2 pounds. And, I am spoiled rotten!!

🐾🐾Until next week, Riley Ann signing off 🐾🐾


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