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I have a passion for the outdoors and I am most happy enjoying what nature has to offer. Hobbies include photography, birding, Pickleball, astronomy, biking, and hiking. I have been happily married, for 46 years, to an amazing person.

~Wow, can’t believe it!

~On the 15th, I turned four months old! I don’t feel that old!

I have just been hanging out with my two favorite people. I love them so much and I know they love me.

I have been taking rides in the car and I love it. I got some new toys, two from my neighbor.


Mom, come play with me!

See you guys next time!


~Faces, a visit and two new toys

September 27, 2020

Oh my goodness another vet visit for me. I am so lucky all the vet techs and my favorite vet just love me. One of the techs came out to the car just to see me. I was told that I am doing great. One more visit in a month and I won’t have to go again for one year. Well, maybe one in-between for some kind of operation. I don’t know what that’s about..

My Mom’s friend came for a visit and brought me a gift. Of all things a squirrel. She was very nice and I liked her a lot. 

Me and Victoria. And, the Squirrel. 

I got a new toy this week and I really like it.

Mom caught me having a serious conversation with my “crabbie”. 

Which face do you like the most? Funny huh?


Fifteen weeks old!

~A new toy for me🐾

September, 2020

I have been enjoying cool temperatures out on the deck.  I am told my first summer is over and the reason for the cooler temps is because autumn is here. I think I will like Autumn🐾

My hoomans enjoy feeding the birds. I have been fascinated with watching all the birds eat out of the feeders. The Scrub Jays like to sit on the deck railing and I guess they weren’t afraid of my sister, Skye River. However, I like to chase them and I bet they don’t know what to make of me.

I have been doing pretty good going outside to potty. I go to the vet on Wednesday to get a lepto shot, not really sure what that is, but I understand that I will get to go for walks and go potty on real grass once I get this shot. I hope it doesn’t hurt🐾

I got a new toy this past week, one my hoomans hoped would help me quit biting on things. I like it and it is very colorful, but I still like to bite on things I am not suppose to bite on and I get in trouble.

My new toy🐾


Hey Mom I think it’s time to eat🐾

I am fourteen weeks old and weight 13.2 pounds. And, I am spoiled rotten!!

🐾🐾Until next week, Riley Ann signing off 🐾🐾

🐾🐾Fun in the snow🐾🐾

September 13, 2020

I had the bestest week! I got to experience some new adventures!

On Tuesday I got to play in SNOW!!❄️ Yes, snow! I was told it was a little early for snow. Of course I have never seen snow before, but I can say I love it. I was so excited that I got the zoomies and ran and ran. You should have seen me, man was the snow flying! I also got to eat some. That was pretty cool. If you have never tasted snow, I highly recommend giving it try.

The next bestest thing was we had company. My Mom and Dad friends came over and guess what they feel in love with me. They also brought me a present. I then feel in love with them, because my present was delish.

I discovered I really love the wind.

Mom, can I have some new toys, I am kinda tired of the ones I have?

Well, that about covers the highlights. I was told I have been really good, staying in my crate without throwing a fit, sleeping through the night until early morning, eating all my food, and going potty outside (well a couple accidents did happen), but I was told it was okay. I get lots of hugs and I am told how much I am love.

On the 15th I will be 13 weeks old and I weight twelve pounds.

🐾🐾Life is good🐾🐾








~I think they changed my name🐾

I really liked my name. I got used to it and felt it was a perfect name for me. Riley, has a ring to it don’t you think? My hoomans must have changed my name to NO! I don’t like it at all and will not answer to it when called.

I am called No when I try to bite my hoomans. I am just trying to play, but they don’t like it I guess.

I am called No when I start to pee on the floor after just being taken outside. I just don’t like being outside in the heat and want back inside.

I am called No when I try to bite the dining room chair cushions. My teeth hurt and I need to bite on something. I have so many toys, but they are not as fun to bite on.

Oh well. Hopefully, I will be called Riley again soon!

I got a bath this week and I enjoyed it a lot because I LIKE water so I thought it was cool. My mom was very pleased. Afterward, I got rubbed down with a big towel and it felt so good. I was told how pretty I am!

“Do you think I am pretty?”
I am so darn cute!

Wow, I am now three months (12 weeks), and my weight is around 11 pounds.


🐾I am 11 weeks old this week

11 weeks old, 8.6 lbs

I have been in my forever home for a week and let me tell you I am loving it. I gets lots of love and attention. I have lots of toys to play with, but sometimes I feel the need to bite on something other than my toys, which gets me in trouble.

I have my very own food and water bowls, which I don’t have to share with any other doggies. I ate a blueberry for the very first time, but I won’t eat a carrot, maybe later.

I’m being taught to go potty outside, but a few times I forget. But, I made a promise to really try harder.

I have to sleep in a crate that a hated the first night and I pitched a heck of a fit, it didn’t work, they paid me no attention. Since then I have been really good, sleeping to about 5:00am. My Mom and Dad have told me that I need to sleep a little longer.

When they go up to bed I get the zombies! I love it when I get that “zoomy” feeling and I just have to run around and around. After a while I get tired and want to fall asleep. This brings a big smile to my hoomans.

I get brushed every day and it feels really good. I was told that I need to love bringing brushed like my big sister.

However, I do have a complaint. I was put in the downstairs crate and left all alone. They just walked out the door without me. I pitched a really big fit. I cried and cried and I scratched and scratched and they still didn’t come back and let me out. I got really tired and just fell asleep. This has happed three times. 🐾

I had been learning to walk on a leash, but my Mom stopped taking me for a little stroll down the street, because of all the rabbits. I have to get a shot first, but that won’t happen until late September. I’m sad because I really like to walk.

I have found a cool spot!

I found another cool place, my food tray!

Stairs no problem for this girl🐾

🐾life is good🐾


🐾Tomorrow I go to the vet.

August 25, 2020

I’am not looking forward to another vet visit, but it should be an easy one. I don’t think I need any shots for awhile. But I overheard some conversation that I might need another worming. I wonder why, I don’t know what worms are, but I don’t think I have any.

I also heard that I don’t have to go into the building. My doctor, who was the doctor that my big sisters went to, will come see me at my car. I hope I like her.

Oh boy, something to think about.

Well maybe later!

🐾August 23, 2020 is the day I went home.

August 23, 2020

After being selected over my two sisters, I am very excited to be finally going home. I had to wait until I was 10 weeks old. It was probably best, because I got to play with my litter mates. If you can keep a secret I will tell you the truth – I picked them🐾

My first day at home.

After a two hour ride I was glad to be home. My Mom held me the whole way, which made me feel better.

My neighbor’s are the nicest people, they gave me three new toys to play with. I really, really love them!