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🐾I am 11 weeks old this week

11 weeks old, 8.6 lbs

I have been in my forever home for a week and let me tell you I am loving it. I gets lots of love and attention. I have lots of toys to play with, but sometimes I feel the need to bite on something other than my toys, which gets me in trouble.

I have my very own food and water bowls, which I don’t have to share with any other doggies. I ate a blueberry for the very first time, but I won’t eat a carrot, maybe later.

I’m being taught to go potty outside, but a few times I forget. But, I made a promise to really try harder.

I have to sleep in a crate that a hated the first night and I pitched a heck of a fit, it didn’t work, they paid me no attention. Since then I have been really good, sleeping to about 5:00am. My Mom and Dad have told me that I need to sleep a little longer.

When they go up to bed I get the zombies! I love it when I get that “zoomy” feeling and I just have to run around and around. After a while I get tired and want to fall asleep. This brings a big smile to my hoomans.

I get brushed every day and it feels really good. I was told that I need to love bringing brushed like my big sister.

However, I do have a complaint. I was put in the downstairs crate and left all alone. They just walked out the door without me. I pitched a really big fit. I cried and cried and I scratched and scratched and they still didn’t come back and let me out. I got really tired and just fell asleep. This has happed three times. 🐾

I had been learning to walk on a leash, but my Mom stopped taking me for a little stroll down the street, because of all the rabbits. I have to get a shot first, but that won’t happen until late September. I’m sad because I really like to walk.

I have found a cool spot!

I found another cool place, my food tray!

Stairs no problem for this girl🐾

🐾life is good🐾