~Faces, a visit and two new toys

September 27, 2020

Oh my goodness another vet visit for me. I am so lucky all the vet techs and my favorite vet just love me. One of the techs came out to the car just to see me. I was told that I am doing great. One more visit in a month and I won’t have to go again for one year. Well, maybe one in-between for some kind of operation. I don’t know what that’s about..

My Mom’s friend came for a visit and brought me a gift. Of all things a squirrel. She was very nice and I liked her a lot. 

Me and Victoria. And, the Squirrel. 

I got a new toy this week and I really like it.

Mom caught me having a serious conversation with my “crabbie”. 

Which face do you like the most? Funny huh?


Fifteen weeks old!


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